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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Being creative

My angel earrings are made. How many different ways can you make an angel earring? Ha ha! I made one that looks like she has hair. I also made regular ones. Tell me what you think.

I was pondering doing a tutorial for my drawstring jewelry pouches. Just in case I took lots of pics. The fabric is the backdrop for the photo above. Wondering if anyone would like to make their own bags?

Anyway I not only made Maddy's Halloween costume, I also made a gown for my older granddaughter. She's in A Midsummer's Night Dream as Helena at school. After the horror show I had working with real bridal satin and chiffon for the bride dress I made Maddy, I swore I wouldn't go that route again. After all, it's only a school play, right?

Wrong! OCD kicked in and I got the color she wanted, lilac and it was what I believe is called damask. Satin with a flower sort of embroidered into the fabric.

Here's a pic I took when I started cutting:

I'll post more later. You get the idea. Just me being creative.
Holla back if you want to know how to make one of these:

Have a great week!

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