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Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho,

Yippee, I got my laptop back! Now that I've been on the desktop in the studio for weeks I'm not sure if I'll be switching back. All my stuff is gone anyway. Well it's on a hard drive; on top of the workstation in the studio. I use an office chair and slide from my workstation to my computer. Wee!

Anyway I've been busy creating but am a little disappointed that sales are not what I had hoped for when I started out in June. That's when I lost my job and decided to get back into jewelry making.

At this point I am thinking of incorporating more sewing into the business as I've always done well with sewing. The only drawback is, as I have mentioned before, is space. Sewing takes up a lot of space! Especially if you sew window coverings and home decor stuff. Yikes! We are still recovering from sewing the two gowns for my granddaughters. I'm still pulling thread out of the vacuum!

What to do? Well I have taken more classes. John and I went to soldering class and I took another one to make bangles. It was really cool. We used a drill to enlarge holes in beads. It's another level of knowledge I can use. It's different using the torch and drill press from beading with wire and beads. Well, different muscles anyway! Holding onto those beads so they don't go flying and knock someone out was challenging.

I will post photos when I get a chance to take them. Busy with the turkey day and all that.

I must also mention I was surprised no one participated in the pendant give-away. I promise not to sell any one's address, ha ha. So, guess we will have to do another one. I will post the details soon. Don't be shy, leave comments, follow me. Which brings to mind a patch I sewed onto my favorite jeans back in the day...Don't follow me; I'm lost too!


My new pendants are old school tattoo designs. No I didn't do the art! But kewl, dontcha think? I know, I drive my granddaughter nuts. She calls me the crazy grandma! hahaha I'm not crazy, girls just wanna have fun!

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