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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Is everyone ready for the New Year? Does anyone have resolutions to share? I want to find balance in my life. I will work on that everyday. That means I must schedule "me time". My caring, nurturing, instinct goes wacky and I tend to neglect myself. Anyone have that problem?

I promised pictures of my latest creations. Here are the bangle bracelets that I made in soldering class. We also drilled the holes in the beads bigger so they move around the bangle.

One has a huge faceted quartz bead and for the other I chose two smaller jade beads. The photo came out kinda funny but it isn't easy photographing jewelry! My hubby plans to build a light box for me to use.

Here is another bracelet I made in fusing class a while back. It has an apatite bead. I wear it a lot so I didn't want a bunch of beads hanging from it.

The linked bracelet is fine silver. You can not fuse with sterling. I like fusing as it is easier than soldering. I plan to practice soldering so that I can become more familiar with working with sterling. John and I plan on taking a workshop in June. I will let you know more about it in another post.

The wifey has finally given me something to sell. He has been busy with other projects (my Christmas gift). Here, by popular demand, what you have all been waiting for; ta da, earrings by John:

I like the blue and copper together. 

Aloha! Hope to hear from you.

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